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Client storefronts are a useful tool to make your job easier. This tool will assist you with ordering all of your organizations marketing materials. Having your own storefront allows you to easily customize your own business cards, brochures, banners, signs & other materials. We can customize your personal storefront to include many items that your order frequently, from static items (stationary items), print on demand, apparel, banners, signs, posters and much more.

The online portal offers other great features as well such as real time PDF proofing, in depth reporting to track order history and inventory, email confirmation of orders and email confirmation of shipping & delivery.


Contact us to discuss how we can get your storefront set up today. 

Lacking space to store your marketing materials? Is shipping to your clients & staff across your network taking up large portions of your time? Lake Printing can help! Not only can we print your materials, we provide fulfillment services for your organization as well. We can store your materials in our climate controlled facility, kit / package your order and drop ship across the world. Contact us to learn how we can serve your organization from start to finish! 

Pick & Pack

Drop Ship: UPS, FedEx, LTL Shipping

Kitting Assembly Service

Online Storefronts & Ondemand Printing

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